Tiny House Project - Phase 4 Campaign 2023

Phase 4 - the final phase of the Cove at Dundee

Your gift has the power to change the lives of 12 more homeless veterans by providing affordable housing, which will improve their quality of life for years to come.

All funds donated to the Tiny House Project will be used to pay for the infrastructure and construction for Phase 4 and will directly contribute to ending homelessness for 12 more United States military veterans.

Your support will make possible a life of dignity, freedom, and security that every veteran deserves in this country they so bravely served.

Giving opportunities:

$100 will pay for all bedding for one tiny home

$300 will pay for kitchen appliances for one tiny home

$500 will pay for all furnishings for one tiny home

$1000 will pay for landscaping and hardscapes for one tiny home

$30,000 will pay for building materials and construction for one tiny home